Great presentation this morning!

We all need to keep our focus on our businesses and not be the fox who is all over the place without any direction, apparent purpose or goal plan. Excellent concept you reinforced

Donna Stone - Stone Consulting

Thank you so much for speaking at our event last week. The response has been very positive and many of those in attendance have been talking about how to directly market to their prospects which you very clearly communicated… you made an impact.

Diana Wolters - Profit Pillars

I wanted to say how wonderful it has been to have you recently present to our members & guests right across the KBN Network.

You have a professional & compassionate delivery style.I feel certain that you would connect with an audience of any size. Your material & content are meaningful & especially pertinent to our SME membership. Based on the feedback we have received from members it is clear that you have been very well received & have had a positive impact.Please come back & do another circuit of the KBN groups.

Doug and Julie Bannister - Key Business Network

I found the session to be very informative...

I could have sat there and listened to what Ray had to say all day!! I very much liked his style (not being the usual ‘loud’ motivational speaker) and enjoyed the interaction he promoted.

Lisa Cowan - Space Property Agents

Ray Hodge is an inspiring...

He is a genuine and down to earth speaker. No hype and no ego, Ray’s presentation is all facts and information. I recommend Ray’s presentation for anyone looking to succeed in business and in life.

Terri Cooper - Terri Cooper Networking Events

Ray Hodge was guest presenter at our March 2012 Business Excellence breakfast at Tweed Heads.

His preparation for his address was excellent in that he sought background information on all those attending prior to the event. The information offered to a capacity crowd was very well received. He engaged his audience from the start. Ray’s handout notes were amongst the best I have seen in 19 years of conducting monthly business breakfasts for Tweed Southern Gold Coast business people. In summary a very professional performance from Ray who I feel would excel in longer opportunities such as workshops or training. I would recommend Ray Hodge for any organization needing his expertise for solid and practical business ideas

John Hurd A.I.M.M. - Principal Business Excellence Marketing and Events

I’ve been frustrated with the traditional ‘sales’ techniques in the reading/education I’ve been doing, as I’d been struggling to find any literature on the approach that I’d been finding successful.

You really confirmed that the direction I have is right, and to keep going down this (albeit with a few of your recommended tweaks!). I have a business mentor who’s been pushing me to do the old school harder sales approach, ‘ask for the sale right there’ etc, but I knew it wasn’t right. I now have a much better understanding of why it isn’t right, but without doing nothing as an alternative. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us yesterday

Rebekah Hurworth - Director and Principal Architect, Your Architect

Your workshop surpassed my expectations.

I have paid to see the masters – J Rohn, T Robbins, H Kaye, B Tracey. Your workshop is informative, progressive and hits the core, integrating aspects that some of the above presenters miss… thank you, thank you, thank you.

Marie Stonell

Ray Hodge is a rare individual who, as a Business Consultant, has the talent to hone in on the true innate strengths of a business in order to increase bottom lines and improve productivity.

This is a man who knows his stuff and could easily rest on his laurels. However Ray maintains a constant vigil on new technologies, methodologies and systems so that his clients have access to the latest opportunities. Dedicated to excellence, when Ray works with you in your business, you are in the very best of hands.

Nichola Burton - The Pushworth Group

I have been working with Ray for the last 6 months and in that time have seen continual growth of our business.

Increase has happened in actual jobs, revenues and the corresponding staffing to keep up with the growth. We are more fully utilising our internal systems, keeping on top of invoicing and debtors and now starting to monitor the business in terms of numbers.

Brad Smith - Wolfenden Electrical

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