Hard work produces results! The below achievements represent some of the results organisations gained from my work. They are provided as a snapshot of what you can expect when working with me.

Financial Improvement

  • 149% profit increase – Accounting
  • 68% debtor balance decrease – Accounting
  • 12% turnover increase in 12 months – Industrial
  • 25% turnover increase after 18 months – Legal
  • 100% turnover increase – Health and Fitness
  • 7.8% revenue increase identified within three months – Trade Services
  • 4.6% cost savings identified within three months – Trade Services
  • Divisional turnaround from loss to breakeven in six months – Industrial
  • 32% revenue increase in 12 months – Trade Services

People, Strategic and Organisational Improvement

  • Extending the thinking on behavioural types and the choice of appropriate communication styles to use within a team and with stakeholders – Prime Minister and Cabinet/Government
  • Repositioning of a team’s future roles in relation to expansion plans – Industrial
  • Increased strategic clarity resulting in two new acquisitions and one joint venture – Industrial
  • Increased discretionary time for business owners – Various
  • Succession plan created with milestones documented – IR
  • Staffing efficiencies saving $72,000 within the first six weeks – Manufacturing
  • Management restructure resulting in a 16% bottom-line impact – Engineering
  • $1,000,000 estimated future savings from management consulting work – Engineering
  • Senior leadership coaching improving delegation and productivity improvement - Various

Process Improvement

  • Invoice turnaround from 90 days average to five days (job complete to invoice sent) – Trade Services
  • Invoice turnaround from 30 days average to within the week – Trade Services
  • 51 hours per week of administration time made available – Trade Services
  • Administration time for one role reduced from five days per week to two days – Trade Services
  • 821 increased billable hours identified through streamlining ordering process – Trade Services
  • Quote times reduced by 50% – Trade Services
  • 238% nett profit increase in seven months – Accounting
  • 216% productivity increase in billable hours – Legal
  • 47% revenue increase (post-project) from continued application of the efficiency model – Accounting

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Marketing Improvement

  • 65% increase in orders in a four month period – Engineering
  • Increased enquiries and resulting business from marketing strategy implementation – Various
  • 50% revenue increase gained from marketing initiative – Engineering
  • Rebrand and positioning for winning higher revenue work – Various
  • Websites strategically re-designed to target key buyers – Various
  • Turning vague ideas into practical steps, assisting in creating a marketing program that was manageable, achievable and on target – Irrigation

Sales Improvement

  • 50% improvement for an account manager over 12 months – Industrial
  • 70% revenue increase in 12 months from sales process and personnel repositioning - Construction
  • Association magazine returned to break even in six months – Trade Services Association (Corporate)
  • Increased sales and motivation for Australasian Business Development Managers – IT
  • 70% sales increase from proposal re-design – Accounting
  • Repositioning upfront lead qualification to drive sales effectiveness - Construction

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