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Strategic Clarification

If you don’t know where you are going or map the direct route, you’re destined for a long trip. But when we establish a destination, map the path, and execute specific actions, rapid momentum ensues.

Strategy comes first by defining the "what", followed by planning that defines the "how."

Making connections

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Strategy is about endpoints, connecting where we are today with an ideal future state, effectively a top-down process. Our strategic clarification work together will consider the following:

  1. Vision. What does your ideal future look like?
  2. Purpose. Why are you here?
  3. Values. What principles will you stand for?
  4. Critical Objectives. What are those objectives that are critical to your strategic achievement?
  5. Critical Issues. What are the major areas that could present as obstacles to achieving your objectives?
  6. Progress Assessment. What milestones and metrics will you use to assess progress and who will keep you accountable to these?
  7. Competitive Advantage. What is your distinction that will drive your competitive advantage in the marketplace and by which you will be known?
  8. Products, Revenues, and Demographics. What do you provide and what could you provide? What revenues are ideal from these products and which demographics should you be focused on?
  9. Strategic Force. What is your enabler or leverage tool that will empower your forward progress toward your ideal future state?

Ray’s work and the associated outcomes have been significant

We employed the services of Ray Hodge to increase the effectiveness of our management team and also to assist in our ambitious goal of doubling our business within the next three years.

Ray’s work and the associated outcomes have been significant resulting in:

  • taking our current management team (who were already good at what they did) to the next level of maturity in their roles and personal confidence. This also involved the clarification and alignment of their future roles in relation to our expansion plans and repositioning accordingly
  • dealing with the ‘dead wood’ in the place
  • increased clarity on the strategic direction of the company which has resulted in two new acquisitions and one joint venture, improving revenues by a projected 12% in the short to mid term
  • approximately 50% shift in our account managers sales performance

It is also worth noting that I have increased time to work on the future of the business given that I now have a team who continue to carry on with the day to day business affairs.

Dean Nelson Managing Director. Hoisting Equipment Specialists (Vic) Pty Ltd

To discuss your requirements further call me now on +61 403 341 105 or email me.

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