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Efficient workflows are a critical component to the development and maintaining of internal lean operations which, in turn, like a river effortlessly flowing toward the sea, drives our competitive advantage out to the broader marketplace.

Ray’s help has been invaluable...

We have worked with Ray Hodge these past eight months. Our business had grown to a point where we really needed assistance with the systems and related people who interacted with the various procedures. Ray’s help has been invaluable in that we have achieved a more fully process driven business with significant reductions in turnaround time frames, particularly relating to administration, with quoting times reduced by half.

Increased role and responsibility clarification of staff and management along with the introduction of a new job management system Ray introduced us to has also helped this to become reality. His ability to spot the key issues has been immensely helpful and are grateful for his assistance.

Brett Matthews - RNM Solutions Pty Ltd Perth

Streamlining your workflows

My systems and workflow streamlining includes:

  • Identification and removal of blockages, duplications and waste
  • Recommendations for streamlining flow in the fastest possible manner while increasing outputs and quality
  • Ensuring the right people are in the right roles at the various process workflow points
  • Role redistribution with revised position descriptions
  • Lead indicators established and monitored
  • Reduction of lead times
  • Improving work completion timeframes
  • Ongoing analysis of workflow changes to assist in further incremental improvements

Ray identified bottlenecks in our processes...

Having worked with Ray on numerous simPRO customer sites he always seems to be able to find and drive the efficiency gains our customers are looking for. He identifies any bottlenecks in their processes, realigns their workflows with simPRO and the correct personnel within the organisation to carry out the tasks to create a very efficient end to end process.

Stephen Bradshaw, Director - simPRO Software

To discuss your requirements further call me now on +61 403 341 105 or email me.

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