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When we understand that everyone can sell, despite what personality they possess, and then integrate efficient sales processes with evaluation, course correction, and team training, sales effectiveness dramatically improves.

Ray made a huge impact in South Coast Constructions with my ROI closed out within months.

With another set of eyes over my business I've found him to be a really good investment. His work with my people, streamlining our systems and improving our sales ratios and qualification process was significant.

Jamie Knott, Director, South Coast Constructions.

Improve sales effectiveness

Our work together to improve your sales revenue include:

  • Establishing the current baseline: analysis of conversion rates - overall and per related salesperson
  • Marketing analysis
  • Sharpening the qualification process
  • Creating a sales track that everyone can follow, customised to your business
  • Understanding the prospect's behaviours and adapting accordingly: to build quick rapport with higher conversion rates.
  • Quotation effectiveness and process
  • Authentic selling
  • Finding the underlying emotional drivers of the buyer
  • Objections and rebuttals
  • Good questions, bad questions
  • Role plays
  • Ongoing monitoring of results

Ray has demonstrated that by providing options with increased levels of value, we could get paid accordingly.

Ray has worked with us for the past six months and apart from some significant shifts in our business, a recent consulting proposal we submitted to a client resulted in a 70% revenue increase.

David Cowling - Accountant

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