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I work as a trusted advisor, consultant and executive coach with organisations that desire increased efficiencies and performance: primarily in people, processes and strategy. I am a Certified Construction Professional with Master Builders SA and have worked with small companies in the bush to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and much in between.

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Why working with me might work for you:

  • If I can’t improve your situation, I will tell you upfront.
  • I bring over 30 years of coaching, management and business ownership to the table thus I don’t give textbook advice.
  • I've travelled dark times of loss and depression so am at ease coaching others through tough times.
  • The quality of my work is guaranteed.
  • I provide same day response.
  • My work is project based. You define it, I deliver it.
  • I don’t charge for variations within the project scope.
  • I take a no bullshit approach. I call it as it is.
  • My underlying purpose is “Making Leaders Lives Easier.”
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How Efficiency Changes the Game: Developing Lean Operations for Competitive Advantage provides an insightful process for the executive, manager, and business owner. This book will enable you to discover inefficiencies where least expected, highlighting the nature of the primary issues and how to correct them.

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Making Business Efficient

Organisations possessing clear strategic direction with highly efficient people and workflows significantly increase their competitive advantage while making leaders lives easier.



Executive Coaching



Ray can help you build a great company…

As an experienced consultant/coach, Ray is not only well versed in the theory of effective leadership, but has a well developed innate ability, as well as a driving passion, to help leaders understand and develop staff holistically.


He always seems to be able to find and drive the efficiency gains our customers are looking for.

He identifies any bottlenecks in their processes; realigns their workflows with simPRO and the correct personnel...to create a very efficient end-to-end process.


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