Ray Hodge was engaged to help the directors of Roberts & Cowling analyse their business with an objective party.

In our first meeting Ray asked us to analyse our processes and as such designed a process map. This enabled us to identify bottle necks and design new efficient systems to overcome these bottlenecks. Ray then assisted us to establish and put in place these systems. In honesty we knew some of the systems were needed prior to Ray’s engagement however, having a third party discussing our business made it a matter of priority to put these in place. The third party accountability established by meeting with Ray made sure these systems were established and that we continued to work on the business.

This process helped us, with Ray’s assistance develop a vision statement of continual improvement. All staff have become engaged and business seems so much easier. Ray’s services made David Cowling and I continually evaluate the business, not just working in it doing the same thing day in day out. The business now is growing rapidly with a motivated team that reminds me of why I wanted to run my own business in the beginning. It has brought back excitement and a feeling of self-worth and accomplishment

Ben Roberts M Acct BBus (Man) Partner ROBERTS & COWLING

We recently met with Ray and embarked on his services to help turn our Electrical Contracting Business around from a 2 year slump.

We have used the services of business consultants prior but, while I found this insightful, my husband found it too “wishy washy” for him and did not trust that good vibes and little work was going to turn our business around.

Meeting with Ray was a reality check that sometimes it takes a lot of focus and old fashioned hard work to get the job done. Our time spent with Ray was focusing on positive marketing strategies that didn’t involve loads of cash flow (as in a slump there is no cash flow). This was done in three sessions and has definitely set us in the right direction and mind-set to make this work. We cut back on our marketing costs, which more than covered Ray’s consultant fee, and have 4 direct strategies to work with that are tailored to the direction we want to take the business.

I am pleased to say that we are currently experiencing a “boom” time in our business and look forward to continue putting in place the strategies to continue to grow our business.

Trish Elsden - Starr Electrics & Solar

When Ray initially began working with us we had significant challenges and bottlenecks in the areas of paperwork and cashflow. I felt like I was behind all the time.

Over a period of a few months, systems were created and implemented, our tradesmen adopted the new way of doing things, invoicing was happening quicker and the chaos started to ease. What is significant that we couldn’t see at the time is that the results in cashflow turnaround enabled us to fund a million dollar job that we could never have done previously out of business funds.

Kelly Mullins - J Mullins Plumbing

We would like to thank Ray for his support and guidance to iWater over the last three months.

Ray helped us focus our basic and sometimes vague marketing ideas into practical steps, helping us make a marketing program and therefore making it easier to manage, achievable and on target. We are already seeing the benefits!

Ray’s vast knowledge of challenges facing small, family run businesses enabled him to quickly get a handle on our needs and we feel better equipped moving forward.

We look forward to working with Ray again in the future.

Jo Sheppy - i-water

Ray Hodge spoke at many of our events in last years industry briefing nights.

I could tell he knew what he was talking about and was able to keep the members fully engaged in his presentation. His speaking led us to request that he work with the association to consult to our sales and marketing department. Apart from the significant improvement from his work with us he also identified key future areas to help us in our ongoing quest for to be the industry leaders.

Oliver Judd - Executive Director: NECA NSW

I thoroughly enjoyed Ray’s Webinar

Ray reflects on the topic in a personal and relaxed manner which I could relate to very easily. I have found Ray to be honest, informative and his sessions are fun to attend. Ray presents in a way that is easily understood and provides scenarios that I can certainly relate to our organisation.

Demi Brown - Executive Director, AMCA. Adelaide

Thanks for a great workshop

Mike and I found it to be very insightful. We learned so much about ourselves and our personality traits and how this can impact both your working life and business. We found the panel at the end of the night was a great finish giving true life experiences that we can all relate to.

Mike and Jen Telford - CMA Electrical and Data. Adelaide

An excellent speaker...

Ray Hodge made a tremendous contribution to our 2017 Customer Event at Cypress Lakes Golf Course in the Hunter Valley as an After Dinner Speaker. He blended the professional and personal worlds through recounting a range of experiences and insights that resonated with our staff and guests alike and was very well received by everyone present. Particularly, his presence took a ‘sales’ event to a much higher level than it would otherwise be, and this was very much appreciated by our guests. We recommend Ray to any organisation wishing to demonstrate work-life balance and a ‘whole person’ approach to business.

Wayne Furneyvall - Servcore

A very informative webinar

I realised it was really Leadership 101, getting back to basics which is what we needed to hear. Over time I feel we have forgotten the little things that make a satisfied workforce; we are all just so busy ensuring our own positions/duties/actions are meeting the company expectations we forget to check in regularly on our fellow employees. Thank you and your guest speakers for the re-awakening

Val Bauer - HR/HSEQ Manager, Canberra Boilers PTY LTD

I wanted to pass on my sincere thank you for the immediate value simPRO Software sales staff gained from our day’s sales training with you.

Your session on value based selling reignited the importance of asking our prospects & clients what are the drivers behind looking at our product, listening and then reiterating those drivers and values back to them in the sales process. Our numbers and motivations and attitudes greatly improved! Look forward to our next training session.

Vanessa Winter - Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, simPRO Software Group

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