Ray's coaching me in my organisational and time management skills has got me through these challenging COVID times...

This has included more effective delegation, better task prioritisation, and being able to manage in a more controlled fashion.

Darren Cross. Service Manager at Butterfields Services. Adelaide

I have worked with Ray this past year and his coaching has had a significant effect on our business operations, my management effectiveness and on my personal life. Invoicing arrears are now up to date, debtors have been reduced by over 50% and we are now aligning the team for the future. This and more have been accomplished through Ray's guidance and direction despite him having never been onsite due to COVID.

Bianca Cameron - Managing Director, Mick Sawtell Electrical. Lismore

Having worked with Ray on numerous simPRO customer sites he always seems to be able to find and drive the efficiency gains our customers are look for.

He Identifies any bottlenecks in their processes and realigning their workflows with simPRO and the correct personnel within the organisation to carry out the tasks to create a very efficient end to end process.

Stephen Bradshaw - Director at simPRO Software

Ray co-facilitated a number of engagement and coaching workshops across our sites in Australia.

His relaxed approach and ability to story-tell worked very effectively in the sessions. It was a pleasure to the run the workshops with Ray.

Rachel Corcoran - Vice President, Human Resources, Americold

Before we started working with Ray I felt at breaking point. There were so many fires I didn’t know which to tackle first. We had not had a break for more than a day in a long time and were working most nights and weekends. After a couple of months, we started to get our time and thus our lives back.

Ray’s work with us was comprehensive and one of the most significant tools he used with us, was that of a plan where we continued to refer back to, cross off the completed items and continually update it as we moved forward. This both kept us on track and could help us see the progress we were making.

Some of the other results we gained were:

  • 90+ day debtors reduced from their peak to their current levels (this includes the ongoing reduction over the last few months). This was a 97% reduction improvement which amounted to an increase of over $200,000 in cashflow.
  • Invoicing happening within the week as opposed to the original 45 days
  • Job scheduling system was updated (both internally and with the field technicians) to create further efficiencies
  • Various documents were updated to ensure customer clarity from the beginning of jobs
  • Tablet-based forms were developed for field staff enabling real-time information submission which in-turn improved cash flow
  • Review of tasks and re-designation freed up some of my time allowing me to focus on other areas of the business I was not getting to
  • Better time management skills
  • Position descriptions and role allocation were documented and refined
  • Weekly tracking of KPI’s has been most useful to know where we are at any given time.

I now feel more organised than ever and that my time is now spent efficiently on the things that really matter. I am glad we engaged Ray to help us take a step back and look at the areas that mattered the most and also keeping both my Husband and me accountable on a weekly basis for progress towards positive change.

Sarah McCarthy - Eris McCarthy Electrical. Central Coast, NSW.

As a company working within the energy sector in a high growth environment, we felt we needed some objective assistance to ensure that we were heading in the right direction.

We felt it best to do this now rather than find we had to repair things down the track. Ray has been enlisted by HEQ to help continue our growth in a sustainable and structured way. Doing this, we are more readily able to take on more work through having the right people in the right places with the corresponding structures and plans in place for the future.

Ray’s work in identifying the strengths and weaknesses, in both the processes/ procedures and also through the interviews he has conducted with key staff and management has been pleasing to say the least. Collating and regularly reviewing the numbers and performance for the different divisions has also been invaluable. We continue to see progressive and positive change as he continues his work with us.

Greg Goodmanson - General Manager, HEQ. Dalby QLD.

In the last few months of working with Ray we have seen significant results within our business in terms of streamlining our processes and workflow along with the effectiveness of having redefined the supervisory roles.

This also involved ensuring that our current job management system was being fully utilised that we are still in process with. Once the initial stage was completed we then added a marketing focus to our improvement endeavours. From this we have seen our an estimated 65% increase in work over the last 4 months with one client returning to us representing approximately 50% of our current revenues. Given the increase of work we are now having to plan the next stage of growth.

Ray’s focus on ensuring that the internal efficiencies (workflows and our staff) along with the external focus of getting our company onto the front edge of marketing and growth has been a great approach. I have regained enthusiasm for my business, my mind has sharpened with the broadening of the scope of other potential work and opportunities and am much more optimistic about the future.

Brendan Findlay: Findlay Engineering Pty Ltd

Ray has enabled me to establish a performance driven culture within my business.

The implementation of a KPI system has driven greater accountability among my staff, resulting in increased efficiency across the business. His role as a business coach had been extremely valuable for me as a business owner in making strategic business decisions.

Damien Yates - Director, D & K Electrical Services Pty Ltd

We employed the services of Ray Hodge to increase the effectiveness of our management team and also to assist in our ambitious goal of doubling our business within the next three years. Ray’s work and the associated outcomes have been significant resulting in:

  • taking our current management team (who were already good at what they did) to the next level of maturity in their roles and personal confidence. This also involved the clarification and alignment of their future roles in relation to our expansion plans and repositioning accordingly
  • dealing with the ‘dead wood’ in the place
  • increased clarity on the strategic direction of the company which has resulted in two new acquisitions and one joint venture, improving revenues by a projected 12% in the short to mid term
  • approximately 50% shift in our account managers sales performance

It is also worth noting that I have increased time to work on the future of the business given that I now have a team who continue to carry on with the day to day business affairs.

Dean Nelson - Managing Director, Hoisting Equipment Specialists (Vic) Pty Ltd

This is a testament to the services of Ignite Business Consulting and more particularly Ray Hodge.

I have worked with Ray for in excess of 18 months for a combination of one-on-one coaching as well as participation in his course, Business in the Cellar. I chose to do both the one-on-one and group coaching to give me a broader range of skills. Rays individual consulting work has assisted in keeping me focused, setting up systems and reviewing budgets to keep my firm’s ‘producers’ accountable. Ray has also assisted greatly in providing advice and support during a transition period where the previous business owner left under unfavourable circumstances. The result for this last financial year is an approximate 25% increase in turnover when compared to the previous 2 financial years. Prior to working with Ray, the business had seen no growth or increase in staff performance. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Ray and Ignite Business Consulting to any business owner looking to increase productivity and profitability through the services of a supportive and knowledgeable coach

Peter McCartney - Spranklin McCartney Lawyers

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