I take a little message or piece of advice out of each of your emails

... you are very wise, knowledgeable and worldly and your experience and words of wisdom over the past couple of years have been of great benefit to draw on when I come across situations that you describe, so for that I thank you.

Darren Dawber - WA Manager, Cooke and Dowsett

I’m loving your work, Ray. Your writing is so clear and devoid of catchphrases its refreshing!

Anna Tantau

A wise and well-worded article, Ray. Thanks!

I think the approach you’ve described is refreshing, real, and above all compassionate. Personally, I’m sick of hearing what I could be or should be. I want to improve my life and my skills: to start with encouragement, and where I’m at, motivates me more than the push and shove of idealistic projections.

Steve Brady

Today's article was outstanding. Your ability to articulate the human condition is a real talent. When you said you are a writer, you really are a writer.

John Stankevicius. Jonas and Associates - Accountants.

“I’m not normally one to subscribe but I.... thought what’s the worst that can happen?

I’ll admit at first I thought ‘why did I subscribe I don't even read them because I don’t have time?’ ... I was clearing out my emails 6 months back and I was reading each one before removing them and thought ‘this is actually helpful’. Each week first thing on a Friday morning I started reading them. And now … I actually look forward to seeing what tips you have for me. 70-80% of what I read I find some relevance in and am able to reflect on the way I am doing things.”

Dean Binns - General Manager - Current Electric Solutions

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