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Over the past decade, I’ve worked with hundreds of respectable professionals in a few countries as part of my career of building multi-million dollar businesses. I’m very grateful to have met Ray several years ago when things in my life were (so I believed) in control. In the past 12 months, I’ve come to learn that I was never in as much control of my life as I had believed having experienced some extremely testing times.

Ray has, on several particularly unexpected occasions, demonstrated a depth of character that has been both inspirational and encouraging during many of these times. From encouraging me to finally learn how to dance after 20 years of procrastination to being a solid sounding board through my marital separation, Ray has been a huge support.

Ray does not sugar coat situations nor does he make condemning judgements. He understands it’s about truly helping others on the level they are at right now in their personal journey in work and in life. He is refreshingly comfortable with his own journey and that is a strength that many people could learn from – I certainly did.

I count Ray as a real friend and I consider it a true blessing that I am able to continue to develop professional opportunities with Ray. He continues to have a spirit of innovation both personally and professionally. I look forward to seeing Ray’s impact on others as he helps them by sharing the wisdom he has accumulated through the insights of trials and adventures both personally and those learnt from helping others.”

Rob Francis - Business Founder

Ray has transformed my life. I have learned how to maintain an effective work-life balance. Now I am able to appreciate and enjoy those small moments that make life worthwhile.

Renisher Roberts - Psychotherapist, New York USA

Ray is a dedicated, hardworking and extremely determined entrepreneurial individual, whose passion is helping others succeed in business.

Ray’s experience as a successful businessman leads him to be one that is knowledgeable and an expert in his field. Having experienced his own journey through depression and with his continual education in psychology, human performance and motivation, Ray is a perfect “go to” source for all involved in business and organisational leadership.

Renisher Roberts - Psychotherapist, New York USA

You’re my angel Ray Hodge...

You have been the only one of very few who has been there to support me, without judgment. Because of your friendship I’ve been able to be totally honest with you about my struggles, giving me the strength I need to keep pushing forward.


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