I take a little message or piece of advice out of each of your emails

... you are very wise, knowledgeable and worldly and your experience and words of wisdom over the past couple of years have been of great benefit to draw on when I come across situations that you describe, so for that I thank you.

Darren Dawber - WA Manager, Cooke and Dowsett

I’m loving your work, Ray. Your writing is so clear and devoid of catchphrases its refreshing!

Anna Tantau

A wise and well-worded article, Ray. Thanks!

I think the approach you’ve described is refreshing, real, and above all compassionate. Personally, I’m sick of hearing what I could be or should be. I want to improve my life and my skills: to start with encouragement, and where I’m at, motivates me more than the push and shove of idealistic projections.

Steve Brady

Ray Hodge spoke at our national conference on the subject of Authentic Leadership.

His presentation was extremely well received, with respondents indicating in our post-conference survey that Ray was ranked equal second speaker out of the eighteen (18) speakers who presented over the two days of the conference.

Russell Sturzaker - Executive Officer, Refrigerated Warehouse & Transport Association of Australia Ltd

On behalf of the Far North Queensland Branch, Master Plumbers Association of Queensland, we wish to thank you for the invaluable contribution you made at the June Division Meeting at RSL Cairns.

Your willingness to volunteer your time, energy and advice in areas of Business Management and personal and professional development left our members looking forward to future presentations, if you see your way clear to do so.

We greatly appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to join us and thank you for sharing your informative and thought provoking insights and expertise with our attendees.

Many thanks for your time and effort.

Roy Walker - President, FNQ Master Plumbers Association of Qld

On behalf of the Bundaberg & District Chamber of Commerce, we would like to thank you for your fresh approach to motivating business people to think outside of the box.

All businesses face their own challenges, though often can work through a lot of them in a workshop environment in conjunction with a good facilitator. From the feedback that we have received, many of the business leaders left wanting to know more about how you could help

Dion Taylor - President Bundaberg Chamber of Commerce

I had Ray speak at one of our networking events recently where he was talking about making sure your passion aligned with what you do.

I applied what he was teaching to what I do and I got a $4000 idea which I immediately applied and got! Does Ray know what he is talking about? Absolutely! I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to move forward quickly in their business.

Vicki Sparks - ConnectWorking

Ray’s interactive presentation focused on how to run an efficient business with the members, this provided constructive discussions.

The discussions provided the members with feedback on their individual business needs. This form of presentation was useful and effective. It was an excellent presentation and we will look forward at having Ray provide another presentation in the near future.

Karen Haworth - Manager of Planning Services, Qld Master Builders

Ray came to work for me on contract as a General Manager for a period of 12 – 18 months. In that time he guided and managed the day to day accounts of the company and helped bring the business out of a very deep and serious financial hole to ride a wave of success for another 3 years.

My big mistake was to not keep him connected with the business for regular checkups and strategic consultation…more fool me.

Darryl - Former Director, Construction/Tourism Company

Nice to hear a presenter steer away from pop psychology/coaching

Ryan Pinkerton - Pinkerton Accountants

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