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Posted on November 29, 2018

It Doesn't Take Much

Walking through a manufacturing workshop with a business owner last week, apart from the layout, product quality and efficiencies the business exemplified, the thing that struck me was the people. As we walked past each team member, the…

Posted on November 22, 2018

Slowing Down To Go Fast

When a business grows, that which once flowed easily can become congested over time—when systems don’t keep up with increased work volumes. I experienced this first-hand today but in a different setting. Ten years ago, Kingsford Smith…

Posted on November 07, 2018

Change Will Never Happen When...

Some time back I met with a client’s team member who was responsible for sales in a specific territory. Part of the meeting was to gain an explanation for their low sales—50% under budget—over the past twelve months. Every reason they…

Posted on October 22, 2018

Promoting Growth

Over the years of caring for lawns, I have come to understand that one cannot make them grow by standing over them—harassing, badgering, pressuring, urging, nor barking incessantly. The grass is deaf to my clamant appeals. I have…

Posted on October 11, 2018

Learning From The Masters

Some years ago I realised that the Masters all had one thing in common; they were learners. They didn't get to mastery level overnight, but through constant learning and practice, they became experts of their craft. Many people stopped…

Posted on October 02, 2018

A Life's Work

A Life's Work This past weekend, I had the privilege of visiting Robert McFarlane's Still Point photographic exhibition in McLaren Vale, South Australia—a remarkable showcase of his life's work for over 50 years. Robert, who I have now…

Posted on September 05, 2018

Engagement Lift Through Appreciation

Sometimes, we overcomplicate things, and employee engagement I would suggest is one of those areas. Sometimes, it's the simple things, the basics that get completely overlooked in our quest for perfection. I recently read an article about…

Posted on August 27, 2018


Words have the power to: teach, direct, heal, instruct, enlighten and inspire. They also have the ability to: dispirit, damage, mislead, bore and fatigue. Many words spilling from a loose mouth achieve little; a few words emerging from…

Posted on August 06, 2018

Fijian Life Reminders

I returned last week from a conference in Fiji and while the sessions were inspirational and thought-provoking, most impacting were the Fijian people. Out of the fourteen countries, I have visited, I have never experienced such a…

Posted on July 24, 2018


The English word margin comes from the Latin word margo which means edge. Its current usage is also used in the context of the provision of space or room. If there is no margin for error, we are on the edge. Margin provides us…

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