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Posted on April 26, 2018

Not Another Bloody Phone Call

How many times have you been meeting with someone, their phone rings, they grumble or swear, then answer it? Customers detect overload. All of us want to feel like we are the most important person at that time, particularly when we are…

Posted on April 16, 2018

Focused Momentum

Focused Momentum Hosing all the dirt and leaves off my back courtyard and down the side path this past weekend, I observed a few things. Firstly, that in different sections of the courtyard I was pushing the dirty water uphill as the…

Posted on April 09, 2018

Lifestyle. Getting Your Life Back

[caption id="attachment_3419" align="aligncenter" width="718"] Lifestyle. Getting Your Life Back Many of the business owners I work with struggle to have a life outside of work. They mostly enjoy what they do, but often long for a bit…

Posted on April 05, 2018

Meaningful Work

Some years back, a new acquaintance showed up. His name was Depression. A friend of mine at the time mentioned that a psychologist had said that being busy doing meaningful work was one of the best ways to distance oneself from his…

Posted on March 25, 2018

Releasing Control. If it is to be, it's up to me and THEM.

You've probably heard the saying "if it is to be it's up to me." While the quote holds water on some levels it's quite leaky in others. For a variety of reasons, business owners, managers and leaders find it hard to let go. "No one can do…

Posted on March 13, 2018

The Fruit Platter. When Little Things Are Big Things

A few years back, I stayed regularly in the same 5-star hotel on one of my travels. Everything about the place appeared to hum with efficiency. From concierge to the front desk personnel to the cleaning staff – all were pleasant and…

Posted on March 06, 2018

Timely Reminders

As I fly back to Melbourne tonight after an enriching and busy time away, I thought I’d document some significant timely reminders that came from observations and conversations with quality individuals - both at a business and personal…

Posted on February 28, 2018

Strong Back Feedback...For The Brave Only

Strong Back Feedback...For The Brave Only Brené Brown quotes in her book Braving The Wilderness a piece from Roshi Joan Halifax: "All too often our so-called strength comes from fear, not love; instead of having a strong back, many of us…

Posted on February 21, 2018

The Monkey Bars Of Life. Let Go To Move Forward

In order for us to move forward, we have to let go. Whether it's a relationship, a career, a business, material possessions, a previous way of operating or the multitude of other possible areas, letting go can be hard. And the longer we…

Posted on February 05, 2018

Employees: A Reflection Of Management

I visited the Curlewis Winery on the Bellarine Peninsula this past weekend in Victoria. Their wine was the definite go back for more variety. As I drove into the property I could see immediately the high care that was given to the vines.…

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