… everyone whom I have referred to your business has been 100% satisfied. More importantly from my point of view you offer a broad knowledge and experience, which gives you far more credibility and knowledge than most others.

Peter McDuff - McDuff Accountants

I have worked with Ray for the last 12 months to review the business processes and then monitor on a monthly basis.

Ray’s ability to look at a micro level and then shift to a “helicopter” view is exceptional and been invaluable to me as a business owner. He is generous with his time and experience which regardless of whether you are small or large enterprise Ignite Business Consulting is an absolute necessity.

Joanne Brooks - Talent 2

Ray has worked with us for the past six months and apart from some significant shifts in our business, a recent consulting proposal we submitted to a client resulted in a 70% revenue increase.

Ray has demonstrated that by providing options with increased levels of value, we could get paid accordingly.

David Cowling - Accountant/Consultant

Working with Ray has been beneficial in helping us to effectively look at our business costs and analyse them so that we were able to break it down and really discard our inefficiencies.

This has given us the confidence in our own budgeting and structure, that if we wish to expand further, we will do this with confidence; that our costs will be kept to a minimum and we will be using the most cost effective ways to expand but still minimise our overheads

Annette Edwards - Red Soil Constructions, Toowoomba

Ray has been an excellent guide and mentor over the past couple of years.

His insights into certain aspects of our business have given us a clear direction and focus for the future. Every business owner needs a hand on their shoulder to keep them on the right path. For a large number of businesses out there – that hand should be attached to Ray

Darren Hart, B.Bus CPA, Darren Hart and Co

During my 15 years in the trade service industry, I’ve met with many coaches, consultants and business mentors. Ray is one of only a very few that I would enthusiastically recommend.

Ray and his work have proven to humanise and demystify much of the consulting jargon and methodologies in order to produce rapid and concise results. Ray has proven his value many times in the industry by means of understanding the nature and key touch points of contracting workflows thus helping businesses evolve. His reliance of methodologies that actually work and his willingness to meet business owners at their level is just one of the necessary masteries Ray has but many others don’t. I look forward to continuing to promote Ray and his literature as they have enhanced my endeavours in the service industry significantly

Rob Francis - Business Development Manager QLD. simPRO Software Group

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