I have been working with Ray for the last 6 months and in that time have seen continual growth of our business.

Increase has happened in actual jobs, revenues and the corresponding staffing to keep up with the growth. We are more fully utilising our internal systems, keeping on top of invoicing and debtors and now starting to monitor the business in terms of numbers.

Brad Smith - Wolfenden Electrical

Over the past 6 months working with our family business, Ray has shown great patience and persistence.

He has helped us to look AT our business and identify where to start when it all seemed to much from a day to day perspective. I am excited to be moving into the next phase of working with Ray and can see the business and personal benefits ahead

GM/Director of Regional Plumbing Company - (MPAQ member)

Ray’s raw talent, energy, presence, professionalism and commitment to me through the financial coaching has been phenomenal.

He goes way beyond expectations and delivers what he promises – and some. And as a Master Certified Coach, I am very fussy who I engage to be in my space. Thanks Ray, you rock!!

Peter Barr - Master Certified Coach (ICF)

Ray’s simple and effective strategy ultimately turned my business around and doubled my profits

Ben Cowan - Xcentuate Personal Training

I’ve started sub-contracting out all the work I don’t like doing as per your advice, which is freeing me up for more family time, to work on and promoting the things I do enjoy and more time to develop other services.

Belinda Abbott - Ruby Rabbit Office Assist

Ray has taught me to take my business to the next level, by linking my passions and strengths with the right strategy and action.

Ray’s uncanny ability to help you discover the ‘Why’ is the key. And it’s little wonder why Ray has achieved great success himself – he actually practices what he preaches

Jason Currie - Property for Wealth

Our work with Ray Hodge has been extremely beneficial over the last 12 months or so.

A few of the key results have been:

  • the level of professionalism across the company has increased significantly in areas such as our operations and also the broader presentation
  • we completed a re-brand that is now reflected in a new website, uniforms, vehicle badging etc – our decision making is a lot clearer
  • we understand where the company is in terms of key numbers
  • invoicing time frames have decreased from 30+ days to within the week
  • confidence to work with bigger companies and on bigger jobs

One of the other benefits has been to have a sounding board that we can call at any time and Ray’s insight into the industry, understanding of numbers and the continued accountability has made a significant difference to our business.

Tim and Tamara Pitt - Pitts Plumbing Service

We worked with Ray 2 years ago now and the changes that he suggested and implemented are still in place today.

We are still going from strength to strength as a result of some of the systems and procedures that Ray instigated which ultimately impacted on our and team members behaviour

Ben Roberts M Acct BBus (Man) Partner ROBERTS & COWLING

Ray coached me as a finance broker and has helped me make the transition to being a ‘business owner.’

Ray has always encouraged continual self-development to achieve abundance in life; he encourages people to take accountability for themselves and their finances. He has a great knowledge of finance, investment structures, wealth creation, cashflow management, and business practices. He uses this knowledge along with his friendly persona to reach the core issues and to guide change in people and in business. Ray is a true professional who can be trusted, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Ray’s services to anyone who has a desire to make significant steps forward with their life, business

Jayde Johnston - Maxium Finance

From a business perspective, Ray has always been acutely aware of the critical aspects of making a business work, and further doing whatever it takes to make it work.

I have known Ray in both a personal and business capacity for over 5 years now. He continually questions his own business practices to ensure no stone is left unturned with respect to improving his business results and his client’s experience.

As long as I have known Ray he has had a passion for helping others achieve their financial goals. His mortgage broking business was a great example of this. Ray carved his own niche with in this space and built a nearly 100% referral based business through client care, consistently providing above and beyond client expectations and having a strong understanding of his products and how they best suited his clients. This is just one example, his other ventures into property development and his current business further quantify his drive and expertise in relation to owning and running successful businesses.”

David Handley - Oakland Investments

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