Ray has worked with myself at HEQ for almost the past 12 months. On the passing of my husband, and being 29 at the time, I felt I could do the job of leading the business but needed the additional support that Ray could offer.

He has helped me grow as a manager and provided the tools that I needed to act on the constant issues that came my way. He was a constant support both by phone and in personal meetings and always there when I needed him.

His involvement at HEQ was varied from the designing and establishing budgets that were easy to understand; help through recruitment, staff dismissals and the restructuring we completed; providing back up for me when I was still learning; working on flows for jobs in/jobs out (fast turnaround time for invoicing) etc. He also helped identify and turn around a division within our company that was initially unprofitable. Ray’s contribution to HEQ has been significant both at a personal and business level and recommend him highly.

Francine Burke - HEQ, Dalby

The workplace can be a challenging environment; sometimes employee morale gets de-emphasized in service of increased productivity and profits.

However the reverse is actually the secret; get employee morale right, increase retention, and your productivity and profits have no choice but to increase (often significantly!). Ray Hodge is a master at supporting leaders with crafting powerful strategies to do just that; he’s a trusted navigator and advisor to senior leadership in this context — and there’s a reason. His approaches are tried and true, and they work; his results over his many years in this practice speak for themselves.”

Kelli Richards - President & CEO, The All Access Group, LLC. USA

Being time poor our company relied on what subtle advertising we had in place to attract our trade.

Ray kept us on track to proactively seek new ways to reach our clientele. He made us accountable for our current down fall in customer enquiries and made us take charge on increasing our customer traffic again.

Belinda Brewer - B&B Fabrication

With Ray’s advice and guidance, we were able to regain control of our internal procedures but most of all, our precious time.

By putting simple ideas in place, we saved hours each week. The company was at a point of desperation but within 2 short weeks of having Ray on board, things changed dramatically.

Senior Administrator: Construction

Ray came to work for me on contract as a General Manager for a period of 12 – 18 months. In that time he guided and managed the day to day accounts of the company and helped bring the business out of a very deep and serious financial hole to ride a wave of success for another 3 years.

My big mistake was to not keep him connected with the business for regular checkups and strategic consultation…more fool me.

Darryl - Former Director, Construction/Tourism Company

Ray Hodge is a rare individual who, as a Business Consultant, has the talent to hone in on the true innate strengths of a business in order to increase bottom lines and improve productivity.

This is a man who knows his stuff and could easily rest on his laurels. However Ray maintains a constant vigil on new technologies, methodologies and systems so that his clients have access to the latest opportunities. Dedicated to excellence, when Ray works with you in your business, you are in the very best of hands.

Nichola Burton - The Pushworth Group

I have been working with Ray for the last 6 months and in that time have seen continual growth of our business.

Increase has happened in actual jobs, revenues and the corresponding staffing to keep up with the growth. We are more fully utilising our internal systems, keeping on top of invoicing and debtors and now starting to monitor the business in terms of numbers.

Brad Smith - Wolfenden Electrical

Over the past 6 months working with our family business, Ray has shown great patience and persistence.

He has helped us to look AT our business and identify where to start when it all seemed to much from a day to day perspective. I am excited to be moving into the next phase of working with Ray and can see the business and personal benefits ahead

GM/Director of Regional Plumbing Company - (MPAQ member)

Ray’s raw talent, energy, presence, professionalism and commitment to me through the financial coaching has been phenomenal.

He goes way beyond expectations and delivers what he promises – and some. And as a Master Certified Coach, I am very fussy who I engage to be in my space. Thanks Ray, you rock!!

Peter Barr - Master Certified Coach (ICF)

Ray’s simple and effective strategy ultimately turned my business around and doubled my profits

Ben Cowan - Xcentuate Personal Training

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