Your Gaze Determines Your Future

Posted on April 13, 2013

Walking along the oceanside winding paths of Noosa National Park I was captivated by the surrounding natural beauty. Crystal clear sparkling water, a soaring eagle, a lone turtle playing in its natural habitat. For a time, as I wandered, my eyes were on the ground in front of me –caught up in the dead leaves, old branches, the odd bit of litter. Then I looked up. The view once again was inspiring, and not just the ocean but the filtered light gently caressing the new leaf growth above me. Life is like that. We oscillate from the old to the new; from looking up to looking down; from what has been to what is – to what could be. We become consumed with the events of the past - our successes and failures, shattered dreams, dashed hopes. We get trapped in these. The harsh words others have spoken, the brokenness and confusion that has come from life’s sideswipes. We can live there, in the safety of history. Building a shell around ourselves, we at times fear looking up, looking out, trying again. The past becomes its own cocoon, sedating us against all of life’s possibilities. What we miss when our eyes are at our feet, are the opportunities and inspiration that come from looking up. New life, hope, fulfilment, success. Old rotting leaves at our feet, or the new abundant growth displayed in the leafy canopy above. The choice is ours as to where we fix our gaze and I can promise you - if its upward, your life and future will rise accordingly.

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