Women Who Mean Well and Hit Hard

Posted on June 07, 2022

I have two women in my life that mean well and hit hard. One is my partner Michelle and the other is my mentor/coach from the U.S, Linda. They have this in common:

  • They believe in me.
  • They call me on my bullshit.
  • When I lose my way they point the way.
  • When I'm full of myself, they are not afraid to give me a verbal smack in the head; when I'm down on myself they lift my head.
  • They don't mince words nor play niceties yet both are kind to the core.
  • Playing devils advocate is what they do: it makes me think through my strongly held positions and question my viewpoints.
  • The expression of opinions comes from their belief in me, not because they want to be right nor feel good about themselves.
  • Kindness and support are balanced with directive qualities.
  • I am not criticised or blamed when I fall over, but instead, they get beside me, remind me that at least I tried, and then continue on the journey: together.

I think we all need people like this: whether male or female, one or many, paid or unpaid.

Having people in our orbit who believe in us, who we trust, and are open to their direction and correction, means we continue to develop as human beings and in our chosen careers; but without this, our lives can become a meandering wander in a lonely desert.

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