"I Will Just Grab Him"

Posted on March 19, 2015

I called the office of a business owner who I know well. Upon my request for the owner the receptionist (male) said "I'll just go grab him." Now, being the visual person that I am, my mind started up its visions of the grabbing. When the owner picked up the call the brief conversation went as follows... Owner: "Hi Ray." Me: "How did that feel?" Owner: "What do you mean?" Me : "Your receptionist said they were going to grab you." Owner: (not much to say but laughed sheepishly) Language is important. Whether it might be the ever recurring "not a problem" by a well meaning assistant; addressing a table of diners as "yous"; the professional services receptionist dropping the 'f' bomb or the very visual "I'll grab him" (all of which I've heard) - training our staff and ourselves the art of language etiquette is essential, both in personal and corporate life. People tend to respect more highly those who are well spoken and versed in language correctness while also saving them unnecessary mind replays of grabbing.

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