Where Did The Day Go?

Posted on July 30, 2019

where did the day go My phone, for the first time, alerted me to the Screen Time analysis for the past week. I was astounded as I reviewed the data. Fortunately, most of the time was spent in productive activity however, it also helped me identify time waste, especially in how often I pick up the phone. From this data, I now have the opportunity to make corrections to assist in concentrated focus and converting pick up time to more productive time.
Where Did The Day Go?
How often have we arrived home after a long, busy day and asked ourselves, "Where did the day go?" We were busy but achieved little. Just as my phone gave me the Screen Time analysis, we can conduct our own Work Time analysis. From this, we can see both where our time went and then where we need to make corrections to increase concentration focus and productivity levels. I conducted this analysis with a business leader, having him document, in 15-minute time increments, how he spent his time over the course of the week. One of the many insights was that his quoting preparation was happening all over the place due to incoming phone calls. From the data, we were able to ascertain when the peak levels for these calls were, allow for this in his schedule and then block a solid time for quoting on a daily basis. This enabled him to work with a singular focus, reduce the likelihood of errors on his quotes and overall increase his output. If we hadn't completed the data analysis we could never have made such corrections. Being busy is one thing. Being productive is quite another. Analyse where the day went and then use the review-reflect-correct method to increase your outputs. If you would like to look at where your day went, you can access a free Time Analysis template by clicking here. Best, Ray PS. If you do this exercise, I'd love to know what your findings are from the analysis and the subsequent changes you are going to make. Feel free to email me at ray@rayhodge.com.au. *Photo by Michelle Sexton

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