When Bombs Go Off

Posted on June 11, 2014

Occasionally in life, bombs go off. These are events and circumstances that we have no control over. They come out of left field and often overnight. It might be the death of a loved one, litigation from one who has a personal vendetta against us, shift in the marketplace dramatically impacting cashflow, workplace injury, personal health issues etc. One business owner I've met with in recent days had a multi million dollar contract declined after it had been authorised. In his anticipation the owner had placed a photo of the new plane he was going to purchase on his wall. After the contract loss, in place of the plane the decline letter was posted. We have power over many things but some are purely outside of our control. Here are some survival thoughts to help navigate your way through the valley of darkness that you might either be in currently or may enter in the future.
  • Act rather than react. Face your day with a plan; measured, focused
  • Get plenty of rest and eat well. Ongoing refreshment and replenishment is essential
  • When you do lose the plot (emotionally) take time out. Emotional reserves and clear thinking are the foundation which all other actions are built on in these times. Find something to lift your spirits. For some it's the beach, others the mountains, others fixing things. Whatever it is do it
  • When cashflow is affected slash costs, manage cashflow tightly, work out payment plans with creditors, call in all money owed to you. It is important to keep constant contact with creditors and making ongoing minimal payments where possible. If you can't make a pre-planned payment call them to advise. Get the assistance of accountants, financial planners, debtor management specialists, consultants etc.
  • Ask "what is the worst that can happen?"
  • Ensure you don't go it alone. Entrust yourself very honestly to people who believe in you
  • Get professional help if you are not coping
  • Go easy on yourself. Beating yourself up won't help anyone
  • Wherever possible push forward. As Mark Thompson, senior coach of Essendon Football club said "you don't win games by stopping goals."

Often these events create a marathon like journey not a quick sprint. For some a month others years. The carnage of bombs going off can be substantial so the intentional lifting of the head to face the storm full on is the best way to tackle it. Easy to say, hard to do as I personally have experienced my share of left field events. Healthy emotional reserves, supportive people, locking in the mind and attitudes with daily actions that contribute to resolving things are the basic ingredients to making it through.

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