Uncertain Times Call For Certain Leadership

Posted on April 15, 2020

Last week when speaking with the business owner of a nationwide company, he told me his current mode of operating was like a Commanding General. Recent Australian research suggests this guy has got it right. Catherine Douglas, head of C|T Group’s Australian research said that "People are really looking for their leaders to take the bull by the horns and make decisions to get things done and are perhaps less concerned about people's feelings right now" She goes on to say, “What people don’t care about right now is a kumbaya approach and patting people on the back – that has really changed 180 degrees in just two weeks.”* Over the years I've observed the most effective leaders bring the best out of others by adapting their leadership style to that of the individual employee. And different times call for different leadership styles and in the current climate, a more assertive style is required. Andrew Mohl, the former director of Commonwealth Bank in an article entitled Crisis Calls for ‘Ruthless’ Leadership, “argued that the turmoil created by the coronavirus pandemic called for a more direct style of leadership as old business strategies were torn up and decisions needed to be taken quickly.”** While the well-being of our people never ceases to be important, decisive actions with clear communication are critical if we are to lead our organisations through the prevailing turbulent waters. *AFR, 02/04/20 **AFR 15/04/20

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