Turning Pain into Purpose

Posted on April 19, 2015

I have just come from meeting with my daughter who was expressing her passion for helping others deal with mental health issues. She showed me some of the areas she was wanting to develop so as to contribute to the healing of others. This has come from the pain that over time she has been dealing with step by step.

A friend of mine some years back survived a near fatal car accident. She has gone on to help countless others from her experience.

The skills and talents we have developed; the environments we have been exposed to; the jobs we have held; the relationships in which we have experienced pleasure or pain; the agonising situations we have encountered and then gone on to defeat (or are still defeating.) All of these and more make up the person we are today.

Often, we feel listless in life's journey. Upon closer inspection we see that our yesterdays can often point to the direction of our tomorrows. Whether we have lived a predominately painful or pleasurable life, look to yesterday to ascertain what tomorrow might have in store. There may just be purpose in the pain.

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