Timely Reminders

Posted on March 06, 2018

As I fly back to Melbourne tonight after an enriching and busy time away, I thought I’d document some significant timely reminders that came from observations and conversations with quality individuals - both at a business and personal level.
  • Doing short term urgent work is needful when required. Always delaying long-term important work because of the urgent defers solid future growth and profitability.
  • If you are not pushing ahead but merely resting on your past successes, first comes the plateau then the erosion of such.
  • Quality employees like to feel they are making a difference and need to grow and be challenged in their work. If this is absent in their role, they have a higher chance of becoming permanently absent from your organisation.
  • One cause of poor cash flow is not invoicing immediately after job completion.
  • It’s important to expect much from our staff while looking out for them and encouraging them in the process.
  • We tend to undervalue and undercharge for our expertise.
  • The most 'loyal' employees could be ripping us off. Allow trust to sit at its highest point of 99%. The remaining 1% is our allowance for the fact that they are human.
  • The stories we tell ourselves about actual events can sometimes be fictional stories.
  • People who feel insecure, inferior and powerless in themselves often promote themselves by various means to feel superior and powerful, compensating for their inner lack. Secure and Powerful people, on the other hand, are sometimes the quietest people in the room.
  • Some of the most courageous people:
    • seek professional help when needed;
    • exercise vulnerability and honesty in their conversations with trusted others;
    • face and deal with their inner demons;
    • continue pushing out of their comfort zones;
    • demonstrate teachability;
    • try new ways and approaches;
    • might stumble and fall badly but always get up no matter how bloodied or bruised from the battle.
  • The more one can systemise their business processes and get the right people in the right roles, the faster one can manage and grow their organisation with greater focus, intent and momentum.
  • Transitions can be daunting times. Extending grace to either ourselves or others in these times assist the transitioner to move forward with greater ease.
  • Two great words in sales are “tell me....” E.g. tell me about your greatest challenges, your highest priorities, what these delays are costing you.

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