The Sparrow

Posted on August 26, 2015

Enjoying a late afternoon drink on the balcony of an elegant hotel there began a fight in front of me. Six sparrows were beating up on the smallest one. I immediately thought "why doesn't he just fly away and avoid the pain?" Then it hit me. That's what many of us do when pain comes into our life. Our initial instinct is often flight mode. Yes, the sparrow would have initially escaped the pain but the pain surely would have followed. When he got to his new destination there would have been another six birds to peck him endlessly. He was still a weak bird and pain - flight - pain - flight would have cycled endlessly.

But, if on the other hand he became a stronger bird he would have ended the cycle.

Best to allow times of pain, grief, challenge, chaos, unsurety and the many other bombs that life throws our way - to become a stronger person rather than the one who flies away, never learning, never growing.

And this is what makes a person a better person. A manager a better manager. A business owner a better leader.

Become strong in the midst of challenge or keep flying and remain weak? Choice is ours but I would suggest the clipping of our wings at different times would serve us well.

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