Short Term Lies Costing Long Term Customers

Posted on June 10, 2015

A woman walks into a clothing boutique, tries on a dress that looks awful on her. "That suits you perfectly," chimes in the shop assistant. A quick exit takes place from that store.

The woman walks around the corner, tries on another dress that again makes her feel dismal. "Yes, not the most suitable for you but try these few on. I think they might be more what you're after" says the store assistant. After a number of conversations, fittings and deliberations the woman settles on an outfit that makes her feel wonderful.

As the sale comes to a close the woman says to the assistant "you know, you have been the most helpful person I have ever encountered in my clothing choices. You will definitely see me again."

Diplomatic truth with some additional time taken, results in very satisfied customers that will return over and over again.

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