Sex & Work, and other random musings

Posted on April 25, 2022

1. Sex and work share similar components of creativity, rigour, and sweat; with a large dose of fun and satisfaction. If one's sex life is dull and boring, well…it's dull and boring; and the same applies to work. When things become ritualistic and tedious, go search for that spark again. Sex and work are activities designed to contribute to our life, not take from it.

2. We can build a thriving business built on the scraps of others. When I ran my previous finance company I was known as the guy who could get loans approved that others couldn’t. I made good money from the leftovers of banks and other mortgage brokers and had many grateful clients.

3. My car has a low battery indicator that warns when it needs recharging. Understanding our own low battery indicator is important: to know when to take time out to recharge, along with designing our life—our rhythms and activities— to maintain and increase that charge.

4. When there is no seed in the troughs, the birds fly past; but seed in the troughs creates attraction, enticing them to come and eat. When we neglect to place our “marketing seeds” in the marketplace laneways—where our existing and prospective customers are—they are more likely to fly past our businesses and feed at another.

5. One person says, “I don’t have time to do that.” Another says, “that's not a priority”. I think the latter is correct.

6. Here in Australia, nature is preparing itself for the winter season of rest. We would do well to plan our own seasons of rest.

7. When we intentionally extend our expertise and fail more frequently, it means we are skating on the extremities of our current capabilities. In the absence of failure, there is no progression toward mastery.

8. Sting penned the words, “Let your soul be your pilot”. To be soul piloted means being attuned to our inner voice and then exploring what we are sensing.

9. I don’t have a green thumb; I have two left feet; I wasn't born a salesperson: These are skills that can be learned. Our beliefs are a strong determinate of achievement.

10. When the heavy blinds of opposing beliefs are pulled down, even common sense and factual information won't penetrate.

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