Selling Lessons From a Drunk

Posted on April 16, 2015

Last night a very drunk man walked up to me and began requesting I provide him with something. The manager of the restaurant I was dining at came and told him to leave while he was trying to tell me what it was he wanted. It struck me afterwards. This man was hungry. I'm not sure whether for food, alcohol or cigarettes but his hunger drove him to request I part with something of mine.

One of the things that set apart those who are successful in sales is hunger. Hunger makes us go hunting. Hunger helps us push through the fear of rejection. Hunger creates an urgency to get out on the pavement and find customers that need and want our services. If we get told to go away by one prospect there is always another around the corner.

Sales people without hunger are generally mediocre, demonstrate low energy and under perform. Hungry sales people are up and about early, have planned their day with the focus on prospecting, making appointments and making sales. Everything else is shifted to the sidelines.

Hunger. One trait that sets the successful apart.

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