Rest - Some tips on getting the refreshment you need.

Posted on May 15, 2015

Coming into a weekend after a busy week, and then with places to go and people to see in the next two days can often hinder the rest that our bodies and minds need to replenish. Here are some thoughts for getting the refreshment you need.

  • Take time on Friday afternoon wherever possible to give some thought to your weekend. Tidy your desk and deal with anything that will potentially aggravate you over the weekend. When you leave your office, purposefully close the door on busyness and open the door to rest
  • Know your particular rest requirements. If it's alone time in your cave or kitchen; reading; sport; catching up with people and so forth, ensure that is part of your rest time
  • Plan your weekend ahead of time and don't overload it. If I am having dinner with people I will only do that once on a weekend. As per the above point, I need alone time so I purposefully limit people time
  • Do something that's fun and inspires you. For me it is going to see live music, dancing late and drinking some choice wine. For each it is different
  • If you live with others, plan the weekend together. You might like spontaneity but too much of it can make one exhausted
  • Make sure Monday is also planned so that your head can be clear throughout the weekend as much as possible. When you hit the office on a Monday you know exactly what is ahead of you

Enjoy your weekend. I know I will. I might even meet you on the dance floor.

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