Questions for end of year reflection

Posted on December 16, 2021

The past year has been a challenge for many and I know for some, just to have made it to December, is in itself a major accomplishment.

These next couple of months quite naturally lend themselves to reflecting on the year that was, and here are some questions to assist the process. (You might even want to tuck this away until you are on leave and schedule time for it).

  1. What did I do well this year?
  2. What did we as an organisation do well?
  3. Did I place a high priority on maintaining my energy?
  4. Did I increase my personal self-awareness?
  5. Are my personal relationships stronger than they were a year ago?
  6. Did I increase my education this year (formal or informal)?
  7. What was the fun factor? Was my life full of the have to and shoulds or did I play more?
  8. Did I take risks or play it safe?
  9. Did we meet, and even exceed, our customer expectations?
  10. How did the team perform? Are they stronger and more capable than a year ago?
  11. Did we diligently focus on profitability?
  12. Did we advance our systemisation and speed of process?
  13. Were we strategically focused?
  14. Did I enjoy this past year?

To reflect means to "bend back" and in reviewing the past, it helps us navigate the future.

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