Pivoting Through Crisis

Posted on March 20, 2020

When partner-dancing on a crowded dance floor, I have sometimes spotted an impending collision, most often because the crowd has swelled and is closing-in and restricting our potential dance trajectory. Over time, I have learned to pivot away from these situations. By swiftly pivoting on one foot, I can change direction and move us out of harm's way. This week, many of us have experienced the current restrictions put into place nationally and globally and no doubt for many, you have spotted some potential risk requiring mitigation in the days to come. I've enjoyed reading how some have pivoted just this week:
  • A gin company has started to make hand sanitiser from the tailings of the distillation process, adding a few other ingredients and making it available online;
  • A yoga company has taken their classes online;
  • Restaurants are pivoting to providing takeaway service;
  • A trade service company is pivoting to provide an extra service to ensure heightened safety in the workplace;
  • A lawyer came out promoting the need to get our Wills and Enduring Power of Attorneys in order;
  • A make-up company posted an online recipe for homemade sanitiser;
  • A laundromat has shifted to a collect and deliver model.
When I pivot on the dance floor, I keep dancing but change direction as the situation demands. In your business/organisation, where is the space you can pivot toward that provides opportunity through this current period of adversity?

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