The Open Home Christmas Poem

Posted on December 23, 2016

The children woke early only to find

Their parents still asleep.

"Wake up, wake up you sleepy heads,

for today, is Christmas Day."

With eager expectation

They gathered round the tree,

In laughter, shrieks and heartfelt thanks

They gave and they received.

Immersed in littered paper,

The children suddenly squealed,

"It's time to open the door, to let all the people in."

And as they said the words,

A knock on the door it came,

It was Jane the next door neighbour,

The one who lived in pain.

Then Bobby he came after

Whose wife had recently died,

Then Sarah, Tom and Samantha

All friends who lived alone.

And one by one the home was filled

With grateful sounds of love,

At times it sounded like angel song

Descending from above.

For the parents had schooled their children well

That Christmas was for all,

A time to give and to receive

It wasn't just about themselves.

So if you know those who might this day

Be spending it on their own,

Open the door as the children did

So that nobody eats alone.

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