Of Port Barrels and Decision Making

Posted on October 26, 2021

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As I poured a fresh quantity of port into my oak barrel, I noticed it leaking (almost running) out of the bottom. Argh...the timber had shrunk from being left to dry out over the past 12-months through non-use. Kicking myself for my stupidity I instinctively decided to throw the thing in the bin and buy a new one.

As it lay in the dark, I reflected on the situation and over the next few minutes, I gained a shaft of insight: if the absence of liquid caused the timbers to shrink then filling it with water for a few days should swell the timbers again. Retrieving it from the rubbish my potential solution worked a treat.

It was a good reminder to step back from situations and reflect prior to acting. That reflection time can be done in isolation or by using trusted others as a sounding board for the decisions we are contemplating and the alternatives worth considering.

Some issues demand immediate action for sure, but many deserve to be retreated from, if only for a short time, to ensure the decision moving forward is the best we can arrive at.

*Warning. Decision making could be affected after drinking a barrel of port.

Photo by ELEVATE from Pexels

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