Not Everything is Forever

Posted on April 05, 2022

With the falling leaves of autumn comes the reminder that not everything is forever. That which served us in the last season doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be carried through to the next. Having the wisdom of what to let go of and what to keep and build on, can be an incredibly harrowing process; but it is important: both in our personal worlds and our business endeavours.

And I think it’s the fear of winter that keeps us holding on:

  • What if we stop doing this kind of work – will we go broke?
  • What if I stop trying to keep that difficult manager – will I be able to replace them?
  • What if I make the hard call and exit my toxic relationship – will I be single for the rest of my life?

It’s the unknown (and possible) barren season on the other side of these difficult decisions that keep us from progressing and experiencing the future springs and summers of our lives. But if we never exercise the courage to let things go, we will never know what could have been.

When you see the next leaf fall, remind yourself that not everything is forever, and ask, what should I be letting go of?

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