Moving to a 3-day work week

Posted on July 05, 2021

Many business owners started with the goal to have greater control over their time but as the years progress, they realise they've onboarded a runaway train. It seems their entire lives are spent keeping the operation from spinning off the tracks.

One client I'm working with has a major objective to move to a 3-day workweek. This is what it involves:

  • Identifying what their future role will be in the company.
  • Highlighting current responsibilities that don't belong to their future, thus reallocating them to other team members or stopping them altogether.
  • Training other team members to operate in those new tasks.
  • Re-working position descriptions to reflect the changes.
  • Ensure the business systems and people are operating efficiently.
  • Establishing a reporting system so they have a sense of control, even when they are absent.
  • Developing disciplined task completion habits.
  • Reminding them of how far they've come and how close they are to achieving their objective (when they feel they aren't moving fast enough).

Like building a home, plans are drawn first and then the construction proceeds according to that plan. Business manoeuvres, like moving to a 3-day workweek is similar: draw up the plan and then follow through to completion.

Here's to 3-day work weeks!!!

*Photo by Lex Photography from Pexels

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