Management Anchor Points

Posted on October 13, 2021

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A key responsibility of the leaders I coach is oversight of performance indicators - and it's so easy during busy times to get distracted by the unrelenting tides of operational activity. Weeks pass quickly until the moment of realisation arrives or something goes wrong. To neglect the review of how projects are progressing or how the team is managing their load or if the sales pipeline is full can be detrimental to ongoing performance.

To help prevent running with the tides, try using anchor points.

Make a list of the critical management areas you are responsible for and then drop these as anchor points into your calendar. For example, each Tuesday morning you might set aside half an hour to review your team's productivity levels. Every Wednesday you might allocate an hour to check in with each of your managers to see how they are travelling. Once a month you might meet with your CFO to review the month's performance.

These calendar entries will serve as reminders to anchor you in the critical areas you are responsible for and ensure that, even in busy times, you are still fulfilling your management role.

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