Keep Moving

Posted on February 19, 2019

I met with an impressive guy this week who I would guess was in his early twenties. He was: a thinker and a doer; very self-aware for his age; knew what he was interested in from a career perspective; understood his strengths and weaknesses and exhibited a keen desire to learn. Toward the end of our meeting, he asked me, "What do you suggest I do?". My response was to just keep moving. To follow his interests and to note what his successes were in his career journey, which he was already doing. Sometimes, we can overthink and under-do. We have a general sense of direction but because of wanting to get it right, we sit at the intersection viewing the multiple paths we could take and end up paralysed in our movement forward. You can't steer a car to get to your destination if you are not moving. So, if you find yourself: stationary at the crossroads; if you're overthinking; fearful; wanting things perfect before you get going...just make a start using your best judgement at the time. You will always be able to re-route along the journey.

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