Invest To Grow

Posted on November 21, 2013

It surprises me that many businesses want to grow but won't invest in that growth. They have vision of where the next mountain top is (that they want to climb) but often sit on the plateau of their current success and performance or are impeded by fear or what others may think. Many owners would like increased discretionary time and money yet invest little time and money upfront to get the future gains required. My observation is that those who are willing to take risk upfront reap the corresponding rewards down the track. Some, like me, have invested resources upfront only to be let down, disappointed, stopped in their tracks; obstacles that come along that seem too high to climb or the side swipes of life that disorient and take them away in another direction. To reach the next mountain top means effort. If you've failed once or a hundred times at least you're closer to making it work than if you had never tried. Training, applying resources to assist in the journey, working it out and never taking your eye off the goal are foundational requirements to growth. Invest in the journey, enjoy the ride and once at the top, you'll be glad you did.

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