Purpose and Intrinsic Motivation

Posted on October 06, 2015

All of us have been designed to have a purpose that contributes beyond the regions of ourselves.

Individual Purpose Understanding ourselves and our individual team members in terms of purpose and then linking our daily work activities to this purpose creates a powerful intrinsic motivation. One persons purpose might simply be to provide for their family and raise them in a loving environment. The person who sits beside them might be driven to free children from sex slavery in Cambodia. Taking the time to understand each of our employees greater purpose, demonstrating interest and belief in these will go a long way to increasing highly engaged, performing staff.

Corporate Purpose The other key here is helping your team see the greater reason for your business/organisation. You've no doubt come across the story of the Three Bricklayers. When the first one was asked what he was doing he simply stated the task outlined for him - “I'm laying bricks.” The second when asked the same question said “I'm putting up a wall.” The final bricklayer declared proudly “I'm building a cathedral.”

What are you building? What is your cathedral? What is the greater purpose for your life, your company? If you can unravel this and then instil it into your companies mission and values, it will help a greater number of team members jump on board with where you are going. It will also help the wrong people jump off.

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