Interview questions to ascertain Enthusiasm and Teachability

Posted on June 01, 2012

I recently posted the following post on my facebook page 'Recruit enthusiasm and teachability not just technical skills' This raised the question by one reader - 'What are some questions you would recommend asking prospective employees in an interview Ray?' Enthusiasm What's your dream job? Why are you applying for this position? What do love to do? What do you dislike? Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Tell me about a time in your current or previous work where you were intensely motivated? Where you were bored? What things in life do you do where you lose track of time? Why have you chosen this industry to work in? (​Do they show an interest in your industry and company?) ​What research have they done on your company? Do they display general enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and try new things? The key here is to watch where the person lights up/comes to life which is often indicated by faster speech, eyes and body language etc. Also when they over talk, it can indicate a subject they are passionate about. If you are dealing with more of an 'analytic' as opposed to a more 'expressive' person this can be a little harder to gauge. Teachability Tell me about what you have been learning, reading etc? What areas do you feel you need to grow most in? If you were to be successful in this application, what areas would you see you would have the most challenge with? How would you deal with those challenges? Tell me about a time how you handled criticism or a constructive critique from your boss? ​Tell me about a time how you handled criticism or a constructive critique from your peers? What did you learn from this? What did you do about this? How do you stay up to date with this industry? Summary I find that many employers interview based on skills assessment (90%) and the remaining 10% on other matters. It is much more important to spend the appropriate time upfront in your interviews to understand the motivation of a person, not just their skills because if you sacrifice here you will pay the price down the track if you employ the wrong person. Good luck!

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