Inefficiency Is Costing You

Posted on October 22, 2013

Inefficiency, in any area of life whether personal or business, has correlating costs. Some examples... Travel - not taking 15 minutes to think through what you will be wearing and needing for travel will cost you four to ten times as much in waiting at baggage claim. (I have just travelled for three weeks in the USA with only carry on) Finances - inefficient record keeping and filing will cost you more in time and money when preparing your tax returns Relationships - not dealing with issues directly at the time create increased angst, loss of focus, productivity and increases the time required to finally deal with the issue Business - inefficient people and systems create decreased revenues and profitability, increased discord in the workplace, low productivity and so on. Getting efficient requires the investment of time, thought, and money upfront. No spend upfront, no return. Invest in efficiency and your return will be far in excess of the initial effort.

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