Guilty Afternoons

Posted on January 28, 2015

Many business owners struggle with the guilt associated with finishing their work by early afternoon and feel they have to plough on till sundown to massage away their shame. Those whose energy is at its peak in the morning often run flat after lunch. Or those who fire up in the afternoon feel guilty in the morning.

Two things that may help...

1. Manage your energy not your time. Living in a strong 9-5 employee dominated culture we have grown up with the expectation that these should be the hours of business owners. We run to the minutes of time rather than the rhythm of our energy. Focus on energy management not time management. If you hit your peak in the afternoon then start the day a little later. The inverse also applies.

2. Become outcomes oriented rather than time oriented. Instead of scheduling the day in its entirety, list the outcomes you want to achieve for that day. If you finish at 2pm, create another list of things that are more in the fun and energy giving category. This might be going to the gym, working on your hobby, meeting with friends. It could also be a piece of business development that you are tinkering with.

These can serve also as rewards. Often I will stop around 2pm when my energy is dwindling or I've met my goals for the day. My life giver is heading to a favourite cafe to read the financial papers and have coffee. This simple activity recharges me.

Manage your energy around the daily outcomes you want to achieve. Replace the guilty afternoons with a rewarded afternoon. After all, who says that 9-5 should be adhered to by everyone. Maybe its just those who feel guilty!!!

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