When Good People Leave

Posted on September 19, 2019

When good people leave our organisations it can be a painful experience. In many cases we spent years of investment in them; training them coaching them, supporting them, providing opportunity, rewarding them and so on. We’ve become to rely heavily on them with them playing and important part in the fabric of now our business and to receive their resignation comes as a slap in the face and in many cases and arrow to the heart. If I can provide any perspective of the many companies I’ve worked with over years, the majority if not all, six months down the track and often sooner have been grateful for the departure. Often, the newcomer to fulfil their position has different skills than the previous role owner, provides higher levels of ability and breathe fresh air into the culture of the company. A previous business partner of mine always had the attitude that as long as people were working with him they needed to perform and perform highly but they were always free to leave if they didn’t follow suit. He had an abundance mentality that allowed him to free people because he knew there was somebody else waiting just around the corner.

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