Gaining Buy-in

Posted on June 17, 2022

When you have a big job to do and need others onboard or, are making a decision that will impact one or more of your team, it's important to gain their buy-in.

When someone decides for me and tells me what to do, it was their decision - it doesn't necessarily transfer to being my decision. But when it was my choice, or at least have been included in the decision making process, I am more likely to own the follow through actions and deliver on outcomes.

Instead of just telling people what is planned for them, try asking open-ended, solution-focussed questions in a conversation that allows them to have their input: "I’m thinking of this……What are your thoughts?"; "Can you see any obstacles?"; "Have I missed anything important?"

People who have bought-in to a decision are more likely to be pulled by their willingness rather than have to be pushed by compliance to management.

Involving people in decision making communicates you care about them and are willing to modify your goals if there’s a good reason. And most of us are happier when we are included along the way. It just feels nicer working with people who respect our perspective, skills, and experience.

Try it….it works

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