Fill 'er Up Please

Posted on December 16, 2022

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When the food cupboard is running low, we restock;

When the bourbon bottle is at low tide, we replace it; and,

When the fuel light alerts us to a near empty tank; we fill up.

When we have visibility to low supply situations and when the consequences of running out are clear, we are more likely to act to remedy the situation promptly. But when it comes to the inner world of physical and emotional wellbeing, most often, it’s much less clear.

The fuel light may have been alerting you to refuel so long that you stopped noticing. The alerts to low supply are now indistinguishable from daily experience: Reduced tolerance; limited capacity to focus; energy contracted; sluggish body and overall just not feeling quite as happy as usual.

Many business owners and managers have shared in recent conversations their end-of-year weariness. We have run and run hard; and we have made it to year’s end, but there is a strong sense of fatigue. It was a good year but a tiring year.

So as you head into the upcoming break, be attentive and purposeful in refilling your inner tank. Top it up with rest, fun, and restorative activities. Plan your 2023 breaks and replenishing activities to shore yourself up as you move through next year.

Michelle and I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. We enjoy writing these and have been incredibly grateful for your responses these past 12-months. This is our last piece for the year and we look forward to doing the 2023 journey with you.

Ray and Michelle

*Photo by Erik Mclean

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