Endorsing Poor Performance

Posted on October 31, 2019

Having been involved in change management over the years, I have noticed that systems and process change, take place relatively easy. One of the major reasons is that these changes don't involve personality, ambition, power or will. A system simply performs in the manner that it is designed to do; people on the other hand...

Teams are made up of individuals, brought together for a common cause. The challenge for any manager or business owner is aligning the whole team toward achieving the outcomes of the cause but sometimes, individuals within the group don't want to play ball. They dig in, they protect their space and position and feel they are a protected species.

I've seen many occasions over the years where a leader, in their desire to keep the peace, won't address these situations and over time, teams never rise to their potential; the good people within the organisation become disgruntled and sometimes move on, the business the poorer for their departures.

If we don't work with these people to rise to the expected levels of performance; if we don't address poor behaviour and attitudes, we are simply saying to the good people, "it's OK for you to do what you want, when you want."

If we don't correct it, we are effectively endorsing it.

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