Depression: When Blokes Talk

Posted on March 21, 2016

Women seem to disclose their challenges quite naturally. If they are having a tough time of it, they will more readily confide in their girlfriends and lean on others for support. Guys on the other hand tend to be closed books. Lots of things written on the internal pages but shut tight with lock and key.

Watching a band on the edge of a dance floor in Perth last week I got talking to a guy I've got to know over the last few years. The conversation led to the point where I told him I had struggled with depression recently. He then opened up and shared about the loss of his son and the journey he had been on. All this while the band was playing and the dancers were dancing.

He finished off the conversation by affirming the importance of guys talking to each other through the tough times and then questioned, "How often would two blokes have an honest discussion like this?"

I have learned over time that if I drop my guard and share something personal it then frees the other person to open up, even if only marginally - but its a start. Our start in life was into community - a family. As men, we then tend to grow up and live in locked up emotional isolation.

Whether it's a hotel, dance floor, restaurant or your home; to a mate, significant other or therapist start the process of allowing people you trust into your life. You will travel the healing process through tough times more effectively and be the richer for it - and so will others from your vulnerability.

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