The Dark Days Of Going Nowhere

Posted on June 25, 2015

Many achievers experience seasons in their life when days become dark. The clouds of discouragement or depression roll in. For some it can be the occasional day, for others weeks and months of dark days all seemingly blending together. We awake with a low mood which affects our mind and subsequent activity or, our mind dwells on negativity which in turn decreases our mood. The power to shift mood, among other things lies within the mind. Here are two things you can do to assist in mood elevation.

When you feel like you are not achieving anything, list your accomplishments as you progress through the day. From "called my daughter" to "finalised the million dollar project to ABC Pty Ltd." Large or small keep a list of them. Then review them at days end and then again at weeks end. Just before you go to sleep, jot down three things that you are grateful for from the day.

Giving ourselves credit for even the smallest things helps turn darkness into light.

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