Constant Learning

Posted on February 23, 2022

A reader of this newsletter commented he had to look up the definition of one of the words I had used. While I don't use big words intentionally, I took his comment as an encouragement. My daily reading and writing discipline continue to stretch and grow my vocabulary and craft, while sharpening my consulting and coaching work. I also have a coach in the U.S who continues to push me into uncomfortable zones of learning and practice.

When I read websites where the text says, for example, "the management team have over one hundred years of experience - between them," I often wonder how many of those years have been learning years. Yes, we learn bits and pieces as we go but the default position, it seems, is that after our formal education the penchant for focused learning and the application thereof, slows and in many cases ceases. We rely on what worked historically: making our decisions and working in ways from the old, rather than the learning and application from the new.

If we are not advancing we are regressing. That is the nature of life and all plateaus show signs of erosion.

Learn-do-learn-do. It's a great sequence for constant learning.

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