Changing Conditions to Affect Outcomes

Posted on January 28, 2022

This time of year naturally inspires a forward look to positive change; new year’s resolutions; and the setting of goals. An area sometimes overlooked, however, is that of the current prevailing conditions and how supportive or otherwise they are to goal achievement.

Conditions affect behaviour, which in turn, impacts outcomes. If we desire positive change, the conditions must be conducive to that change.

Consider for example the manager whose goal is to consistently finish work two hours earlier than last year, but whose current conditions include a messy desk; a random filing structure where finding anything is regarded as a bonus at best or a miracle at worst; and whose office space resembles a dismal winter’s day all set to the backdrop of unanswered phone calls and email alerts. In this situation, the current conditions will hinder goal achievement. And until addressed, the conditions will remain a shackle around this manager’s feet.

By all means, set your goals, but remember to consider the underlying conditions. Change these and your goal achievement will take place with greater ease and speed.

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