Carrying Confidence

Posted on March 25, 2022

Warradale dancing

Michelle and I love to dance and apart from the absolute fun we have on the floor, it's the comments we receive that make us laugh: Are you guys dance teachers?; Are you professionals?; Are you here to dance at the Fringe Festival?; and the funniest, Are you from Dancing With The Stars?

While I love the top-level accolades, at ground level it's another story. I perform approximately 70% of my steps, turns, and timing correctly; missteps and poor timing make up the remainder. (Michelle would be a 100% dancer if she had a better lead - she makes the best of what she's got though). But even with this reality, we are deemed professional. Why?

I think it's because we focus on the 70% we know well and execute it with confidence.

This is important because it's too easy for us to focus on what we don't know rather than what we do know. It's too easy to beat ourselves up for the missteps rather than celebrate the flawless execution of perfect steps.

Carry confidence and perform what you do know well; and then, seek to shore up the missteps and weaknesses with further education and practice. It's a great way to dance your way through life.

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